Muffin Kingdom
Hello and welcome to the official Muffin Kingdom page. Here, you can find information about the private chatroom.
Muffin Kingdom is a private 3DSPlaza chatroom that is invite-only by the owner (me).
One of the points of this room is to get some breathing space from the rules that are laid out for the public chatrooms. Why? Because the current rules are way too strict for the sort of users who use the site these days.
These are completely seperate rules.

You're allowed to:
• use profanity (excessive usage is punishable);
worship me;
• use, share and discuss content for a more mature audience (if the content is considered NSFW then make it clear -- read further for exceptions).

You shall not:
• act very childish;
• share sexually explicit content that involves subject(s) that aren't fictional;
• share highly graphic / excessive gore (e.g. real death);
• spam or flood (posting useless stuff counts);
• use illegible English (unless clearly done as a joke -- don't get too carried away);
• be disrespectful or do anything considered malicious towards others;
• be seen as overall annoying;
• get involved or start drama that is seen as very unnecessary (make it civil or don't bother);
• essentially perform erps with others (don't need to explain why);
• online date (use a site dedicated for that);
• share personal data such as authentication details, phone numbers or locations that would hint out where you are located exactly;
• don't create more than one account (I really don't need to list this, you must know by now);
• make any part of your username not easily visible on whites;
• do anything else that would be considered bad (morally and when it comes to the EU law).

What happens if any of the rules are broken?
Warnings may be issued (although not the official type). They may or may not be in red text. This will especially apply to the more subjective rules. Also, warnings until punishment will not be determined only by the amount of violations.
If warnings are clearly being dismissed or if the violation is deemed serious (listed or not) then you will have your access revoked or/and a ban will be issued (if it is really serious).

These can be changed at any time so it's recommended to review the rules from time-to-time.
If you have not been granted permission already, PM or shoot me a message on the chat and maybe you'll be let in. By requesting, you agree to the rules and that I can remove anyone at any time without needing to give a reason.
Remember: as with everything else, it's only a privilege to be there, not a right.
If you already have access, there are a few ways to access the chat. First is via the command '/st coolapps' and the second is by going to the chat selection page. You can just press here to get right to the room.
Account switch? Be sure to mention your previous account if it was granted access.