Hello, I'm Andre.

Moderate web developer, InfoSec, and (hobbyist) digital artist.

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These are the sites that I put up quite a bit of my work on.

Muffin.Wiki - my own wiki for works (including misc.) that explains stuff
Github - repositories of my projects and contributions
Gitlab - same as Github but better
Tumblr - blog, questions, sketch dump, artwork submissions
DeviantArt - final artwork
These are the sites I have been working on.

MuffinStatus - status site for my services [removed for now]
{site} - upcoming project
I'm paying out of my own pocket to keep this server up.
If you like or find any of my work useful then please consider donating. It would really help out.
Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Any questions? You can contact me using any of these services listed below.
Twitter CuriousCat MLPForums GBATemp Tumblr Derpibooru FurAffinity
You can email me at: press to reveal
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